Ann-Karin Myklebostad

I have been painting all my life.

Art is an element I can not do without. I often let the art find me as much as I find the art.

We interact in a constant rhythm that becomes the pictures, sculptures and scenography.


My work is usually based on a theme which is then transformed into a series of images. The theme is drawn from where I am in life right then and there. My personal experience influences both the picture and my idiom.

When I determine the aesthetics of the form and composition of my work it is vitally important to me to preserve its rawness and immediacy. I constantly research new materials as they are a source of inspiration to me and vital to the expression in my work.

Music is also an important element in my creative work.

Most of the time I work on several pictures at once and maybe, in these moments,

I am in the almost indescribable state called flow.

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